MyStays. Thoughtfully designed unique places to stay with verified amenities hosted by locals and managed by

At, we thrive to introduce the traveller to unique stays that are experiences in themselves and not just another place to spend the night.  

Each stay that is listed on is verified and visited by an in-house team.

With MyStays, we have gone beyond all of this by offering our hosts a helping hand and the required expertise to make the entire booking process as seamless as possible for the host as well as the traveller.

What it means for the traveller.

On, you can recognise a MyStay if a listing is hosted by MyTravelPie with a picture of our mascot "Elly". When you book a MyStay, you can be rest-assured that the following criteria is met: 

• Homes that have a character

All MyStays are thoughtfully designed homes that have a character. Each MyStay has a local touch, something unique about itself and a personal character that reflects the hosts. From a traditional cozy Stone Cottage in the Himalayas to a bungalow surrounded by Apple, Plum and Litchi Orchards, all MyStays are as welcoming as they are beautiful.

• Stays that are off-the-beaten path

Our team of Chief Exploration Officers have travelled to the most amazing places to discover unique stays that offer a peaceful, relaxing and rejuvenating environment away from the chaos of the city. Yet, we have made sure that they are never too far from important places that you may want to visit.

• Well Maintained and comfortable with basic amenities

A MyStay is your own home away from home and therefore, our in-house caretakers make sure that each MyStay is well maintained, clean, clutter-free and that all appliances are working.
We have also taken utmost care about the comfort. At each MyStay, you will find comfortable beddings, open spaces, clean towels, fluffy pillows and fresh linen.

• 24/7 service and on-call assistance

Right from the point you book the stay, our team will be in touch with you to assist you with detailed information about the stay, the experience, things to do, check-in, and any other assistance you may need to make sure you have a hassle-free and comfortable stay.  We can even help you with booking local transport and activities through verified suppliers.

• Trained caretakers and in-house chefs

At each MyStay, we have trained and employed locals to take the best care of you during your stay. All of our in-house chefs can cook a variety of food including some lip-smacking local cuisine. 

• Complimentary Add-on local Experiences

A barbecue evening, a hillside picnic lunch, a guided walk through a nearby village or tea with locals; each MyStay offers unique add-on experiences that make your stay worthwhile. (You have an option to add these experiences while booking your stay)

What it means for the host.

No matter what kind of a home or room you have to share, MyTravelPie makes it simple and secure to reach millions of travelers looking for unique places to stay, just like yours. If your property is hand-picked to be a part of the “MyStays Programme”, you can lay back and relax. 

• We take control.

As soon as we take up a property, it automatically becomes a part of the “MyTravelPie Community”. Based on your target audience, we will discuss marketing strategies with you and take control of the entire inventory, online sales and digital marketing. 

• We’re there at every step.

MyTravelPie offers tools, hospitality tips, 24/7 support, and an online community of experienced hosts for questions and sharing ideas for success.

• Reach Millions of like-minded travellers world-wide.

Our aim is to bring MyStay hosts closer to their target audience.
Frequent newsletters, mailers, promotions in popular blogs and other online media (through professional bloggers and writers from across the country), traveller meet-ups, tie ups and creative events such as Yoga, Art and Poetry Workshops. 

• Professional Photo/ Video Shoot.

We know what it means to be visually appealing. We send a team of professional photographers and content writer to click awe-inspiring pictures and videos and create kick-ass write-ups for your property.

• On-time Payments and Monthly Reports.

All payments are made directly to you and our MyStays team will send you a report at the end of each month with detailed analytics to help you determine how well your property is performing as compared to your competitors and how your revenue can be improved.

Own a second home, need expertise or would like us to help you manage your property?
To know more about the MyStay Programme, mail us at or call us on +91 8826915266